Aperio PAP tool and wireless dongle

Software tool to setup and configure Aperio® devices/ hubs

Overview of Advantages

  • Setting the time in the online components
  • Adjustment of radio channels
  • Configuration of the online components
  • Firmware update for online and offline components
  • Display of the configuration of the online components (door number, door group etc.)
  • Reading of event memory
  • Installation database encrypted with password
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista and WIN 7, WIN10 (recommended Windows Professional)
  • Installation management for: Configuration of the unit, firmware update, activation/deactivation of devices, management of identification cards for emergency authorisations
  • Status display of the wireless connection, address settings
  • The USB dongle included enables wireless communication with the Aperio products/hubs

Product description

  • The Aperio online components are configured and programmed with the Aperio PAP tool.
  • The Aperio™ PAP tool is required during commissioning to connect the escutcheons and cylinders with an Aperio 1-to-8 hub and to load the customer-specific encryption into the components.
  • The tool can also be used to carry out a firmware update for all Aperio components (online and offline).
  • With the Aperio online components, it is also possible to load identification cards, which grant access even in the event of a system failure. Up to 10 emergency identification cards can be saved, which only grant access if there is no connection with a hub, e.g. in the event of a power failure.
  • The Aperio technology can be used to variably distribute the wireless communication over a total of 26 channels. The radio channels can also be set via the PAP tool.
  • Aperio wireless dongle: The Aperio wireless dongle is connected directly to the PC via a USB connection. The wireless dongle communicates with the Aperio PAP Tool and establishes a wireless connection with the online components. The pre-set settings in the Aperio PAP Tool are transmitted to the escutcheons and cylinders via this wireless connection. The entire wireless communication when reading in and transmitting data is AES-128 bit encrypted.

Scope of delivery

  • Software, Controller, USB Dongle